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Arnel - Home of the Evigilo Integrated CCTV Solution

*** Please note that Arnel Limited has ceased trading, for support services please contact Interlek on 0844 357 9823 ***


Arnel is not just another DVR manufacturer but a proudly British company of over 40 years standing; one of the first companies to recognise the need for a Digital CCTV solution. The Evigilo range was created to meet the precise demand of today’s customers.

Designed solely in the United Kingdom and utilising Arnel’s vast experience gained in the provision of Electronic Point of Sale solutions for multi-national companies, Evigilo provides a feature rich, flexible solution that goes far beyond the scope of alternative products and embraces the specific needs of a demanding marketplace.

Arnel offers more than just the supply of digital recording devices and cameras; we offer complete end-to-end solutions. Arnel can provide users with expertise in many areas, including totally bespoke branded systems, Analogue, IP and Hybrid DVR soltuions, corporate/domestic video streaming, ADSL services, network configuration, deployment and project management.

All software development and system builds take place at Arnel House, our Head Office in Ware, Hertfordshire. The Research and Development team continue to develop features for Evigilo using the latest software packages, driven by the requirements of our customers matched to current technology trends. This strategy has proved extremely successful and has seen Evigilo specifically deployed into several multi-national Retailers in support of their Loss Prevention activities, as well as in general security surveillance.

Our Technical and Sales teams are always on-hand to discuss your requirements and assist with the design and installation planning of a leading CCTV solution.

Evigilo - a definition

Latin Etymology From ex (out of, from) + vigilō (watch).
Verb present active ēvigilō, present infinitive ēvigilāre, perfect active ēvigilāvī, supine ēvigilātum.

  • (intransitive) I wake up, awaken.
  • (intransitive) I am wakeful or vigilant.
  • (transitive) I watch through the night, pass without sleeping.
  • (transitive, figuratively) I elaborate carefully, devise, compose, prepare